Charlton REAS Foundation, Inc.
Eligibility Criteria and Application

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for assistance.

Please download the Application for Assistance, complete it, and mail with a copy of proof of income (social security, wages, pension, IRAs, CDs) and latest savings account statement to Charlton REAS Foundation, Inc., PO Box 793, Charlton, MA 01507. If you have questions, please call Elaine at 508-868-5289.

Age You must be at least 60 years old
Household Income For all adult residents at address add gross income, including other energy assistance received; subtract unusual expenses such as large medical bills, home or car repairs. The net number should be less than or equal to the 300% of Federal Poverty Guidelines for the current year; which the REAS Awards Committee will determine.
Year-round Charlton resident You may not qualify if you do not live in town year-round.
Eligibility for other assistance Amount received, if any, is added to your household income.
Special circumstances that have impacted your ability to pay energy costs. Unusual expenses are subtracted from your total household income.

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